When you have these good habits, it’s can make you always young.

How time flies! For female, there are wrinkles on their face. What a terrible! But you can look back, do you have these good habits?

1. Drink a glass of milk
It’s reporter that, when you before go to bed, you can drink a glass of milk, it’s can have a sweet dreams.

2. Comb the hair
It’s reported that, you can comb the hair from day-to-day. It’s can improve blood circulation, lose hair, improve memory and so on.

3. Soaking feet in warm water
It’s reported that, the feet have lots of acupuncture points. When you soak feet in warm water, it’s can improve blood circulation and so on.

4. Go for a walk
Have a serene walk before sleep. When you lie in the bed, you can’t read newspaper and think of problems. That’s easy to fall asleep.

5. Open the window and get the fresh air
You should open the window every day, it’s air the room. When you go to bed, you can close the window. It’s make you have sweet dreams.

6. Trush teeth and wash face
Before go to sleep brush your teeth is more important that in the morning. Not only can take care of your teeth, but also can get a good dream.

When you have these good habits, its can make you always young. What to do before you go to sleep sleep Remove wrinkle  sex culturesex knowledge bad habits

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