For women, you can’t wear three things before go to bed.

Some people like wear the watch go to sleep. Not only can shortened life span of the watch, but it’s bad for our health. Because of the watch have radium. Especialy at night. It’s reporter that, It will do great harm to our physical and intellectual integrity.

Some people like wear the false teeth. They can easy to into the gullet. In order to our health, you’d better take away the gullet before go to sleep. That’s let you sleep well and keep mouth clean.

Some people like wear the bra go to sleep. It’s reporter that, when you wear the bra more than 12 hours. It’s easty to breast cancer. The reason why the women with the bra that is because can show the beautiful and protect breast.

For women, you cant wear three things before go to bed. Womens health sleep Health  sex culturesex knowledge bad habits

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