Dillydally to get up more five minutes away from death from overwork.

1. Drink health water.

With the accelerated pace of work, heavy workload. Most and most people death from overwork. They’re leave the world soon, especially for male.

2. Dillydally to get up more five minutes.

You’d better not drink these water. You can’t drink thermos bottle of the water for several days, the water of the boil again and again, pass the night of the water.

3. When you drinks late, you can’t take a shower.

When you wake up in the morning, you should spend five minutes dillydally to get up. You can take a deep breathe, yawned and stretched and so on. If you awake to get up right away, it’s bad for your health.

4. You should eat these foods as soon as possible.

Honey: eat a teaspoon of the honey in fasting. It’s can painkillers and disinfection.
Garlic: have heavy sterilization, get a title of ‘Natural antibiotics’
Red Dates : rich in nutrition, have rich candy and vitamin.
Ginger: They can improve blood circulation, porridge can help us digest food better.
A Peanut: Have all kinds of amino acid, they can help your improve memory.

5. Often go to the bathroom.

Don’t hold your pee. When you hold the pee, you can nervous. It’s easy to high blood pressure.

Dillydally to get up more five minutes away from death from overwork. Sudden death sleep Health life Health  sex culturesex knowledge bad habits

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