21 beds of the secret.(Three)

15. The perfect sexual life time is thirteen minutes.
The research shows that, have sex with your wife for a long time. It’s bad for your health. The perfect sex life time is thirteen minutes. When you have sex with your wife more than twenty minutes, you’ll tired and thirsty. When you have sex with your wife less than five minutes, you’ll make your wife unhappy. When you want to perfect sex life, you should have enough sleep at night. When you sleeping time less than six hours every day, you’ll produce tired and headache. And then lead to frigidity.
If you want to perfect sex life, you must have enough sleep every day.
16. The better sexual environment temperature is 27 degrees.
The summer is coming. The weather is getting hotter and hotter.
You maybe like to turn up the air-conditioner.
The research shows that, the better sexual environment temperature is 27 degrees.
Under Low Temperature condition has sex with your wife, it will reduce blood circulation. And then make too nervous.
In the course of time, the body easy to reduce too drastic.

17. When the men unhappy, he’ll want to sexual life.
Expert’s said, when the men unhappy, he’ll have a heavy sexual desire.
If your husband meets lots of trouble at that moment, you can offer ask have sex with your husband.
Sometimes, you can give a big surprise to your husband. After, he’ll happy and relaxed.
For a long time, your family will be more and more happy.

18. When you often eat a kind of increase sexual desire of foods,it will bad for the sexual life.
Don’t eat too much increase sexual desire of foods!
The expert’s found that, eat any same foods every day, it will lead to Allergie.
In the course of time, it will block the capillaries. And then you aren’t interested in sex life.

19. The perfect sex life makes women have a good sense of smell.
The medical expert’s said, when you have a perfect sex life, you’ll have a good sense of smell.
If you only  want to routine have sex with your wife. It can’t increase the sense of smell. Even it’s bad for your feelings.

20. The sexual life can help the women reduce dysmenorrhea
The sex life can accelerate lots of secretion.
If you feel a headache, you don’t eat pain-killers at once.
You can have sex with your husband, you’ll reduce dysmenorrhea.
21. See the men from condom.
The expert’s said. If you see the men, you can through the condom.
If your husband has sex with you late, he’ll take away the condom. That’s show your husband has heavy sense of responsibility. He’s know respect very much. He’s a good husband.

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