White-collar female nap advantages!

A nap is a good habit to have 30 minutes every day of nap time, not only can alleviate one morning fatigue, also can be happy to meet the afternoon’s work.

Have a rest is can make us relaxed.
In a short time,take a nap at noon. Either traditional Chinese medicine or the latest news of related research at home and abroad. That’s good for our health.
Traditional Chinese doctors, from eleven to one o’clock at noon. At this time, have too much yang. You can take a nap, it’s can make a harmony between YIN and YANG. It’s make you feel refreshed.

1. Improve memory
The United States researchers said, have a nap can make you relaxed. It’s reported that, have a nap not only can get rid of tired,b ut also can improve memory.

2. Improve immunity
In Garmany, the sleep experts said, have a nap at noon. It’s can improve immunity.
3. Keep happy, away from blues
n the United States, the psychologists found, after have a rest, it’s can improve mood, relieve too much stress and relieve pressure. It’reported that, when you doze off every day, you can be away from depression.
4. decrease blood pressure
A new research in America revealed that, when you work pressure, it’s easy to get high blood pressure. You can try to have a nap, it’s helpful for you decrease blood pressure.
5. Provect heart
A new research in Greece revealed that, at least three times a week. Every times spent thirty minutes to doze off. You can away from heart disease.

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