Four kinds of water, you can’t drink it.

Healthy skin must keep water balance, you shoud drink eight glasses of water, especially is female friend. When you drink enough water every day, it’s make your skin more and and smooth.

1. The boil water for a long time.

The boil water for a long time, you can’t drink it.

2. Salt water

Some of the people think, drink salt water is good for health. That’s why drink salt water in the morning. That’s wrong. In the summer, when you get sweat, it’s necessary to add water. However, when you drink salt water in the morning, it’s bad for your health.

Expert’s research, if you often drink these like water, they can make you  difficult breathe, even high blood pressure.

3. Drink

In the morning, the first cup of water is very important. You’d better not buy cola, coffee,juice and so on. The cola and soft drink have citric acid. In the process, it’s can acceleration remove the Ca, even you can lead to lack calcium.
Juice, milk, coffee and so on. They can’t become the first drinks in the morning. Because of these substances isn’t afford the most need of the water.

4. Top water

Some of people are used to open tap in the morning, then collect a cup of water to drink. That’s wrong. Stop use all days of the tap. There is water include metal pipe can produce decomposition reaction, form a toxic material. That’s why, you can’t drink it the first cup of water in the morning. Or it’s bad for your health.

Four kinds of water, you cant drink it. Health life  love life

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