For women, they get three men at least in their lives.

1. Lover.
Reading can make women get beautiful, do sports can make women get beautiful, too. However, all these aren’t catch up with love.
For women, when they are no love, they are easy to give up on themselves. They’re life become chaotic. They’re must lost love.

The women are sensitive and fragile in love. They are happy when they are sad. They  hide the love to you in heart. Even if they are love to languish, life is like blooming flowers.
The men treat the love of the way is different from the women. The lover is the only one.

3. A man who love thoughts.
The women divided into care for thoughts and care for life. They can make friends with the men That’s must thought of the women.
Have thought of the woman,they need to find appreciate thought of the man.
A man who love thoughts more than care for your  appearance and body.

3. Share everything of the friends.
In daily life, you should get a great male friends. You can keep no secret from each other. When you sad, he can make you happy.

For women, they get three men at least in their lives. women The womans life boyfriend  love life

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