The little things of eating habits make your skin better and better.

In fact, take good care of skin is very easy. For the reasons above, you should do it well every day. The words what I have said, Success relies on perseverance.

1. Two glass of water
The women should do it. At lesat drink two cups of water. In the morning of the water, it’s can clean the intestine. In the evening of the water, it’s can get enough moisture content. If you are used to drink water in the evening, you can accelerate short of exygen the brain, and accelerate growing old.

2. A tomato
Among the fruits and vegetables. Have rich the most vitamin C is tomatoes. So you can at least eat a tomato every day. That can enough Vitamin C all day.

3. A glass of vinegar
If you cook the meal adds to vinegar, it’s very well. Because of it’s  can anti the coronary artery get older. When you wash face, you can put little salt to water. It’s can beauty whitening.

4. A glass of yogurt
From calcium supplement point of view, The most easlier lack calcium is the women, and the milk is vey well that any other. Especially is yogurt, it’s good for our health. In my opinion, you should drink a glass of yogurt, it’s make your keep always young.

6. A glass of tea
The women must drink water from day-to-day. If you without have stomach, the green tea and oolong are very well. Especially is want to lost weight of the female. The tea can easy to clean large intestine of the fat. It’s better that any other.

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