Five kinds of drink is more suitable for women.

1. Baili liqueur
The baili liqueur of alcohol isn’t high. It’s a sweet states of drink.
The baili liqueur can be into an ice cube. Even it’s can into milk and ice-cream.
When you add these materials into the baili liqueur, it’s taste very good.
I think that you can love in love it.
The Club popular drink law: with the minimum number of white wine cup match on 5/6 baili liqueur, pour the vodka on 1/6. Baili liqueur will sink in the bottom of the cup. Then the cup vodka lit, insert a straw, with the fastest speed to drink baili liqueur.

2. Fruits wine
Fruits wine is the grapes used outside of the fruit wine. The important raw and processed materials is apples, pear, cherries and so on.
The fruit wine brewing method is basically the same with grape wine.
Fruits wine is suitable for women to drink. It’s good for the heart. You can put it as a health drink.

3. Cocktail
As to be a cocktail, it’s tolerance juice.
In generous, the liquor with fruit juice, soft drinks and other mixed.
You can also add other materials. For example, avocado, eggs etc.
You can add these materials into the cocktail. It’s can lower alcohol.
Many women like to drink it.
Cocktail is With the bartender man’s mind and different.
In order to increase cocktail color and beauty, it’s care of dressing it.

Bloomary have a kind of tomato juice.
When you drink it, its smooth taste fresh and cool.
In the United States before during the prohibition, drink bloomary is very popular.
It was called “can’t get drunk of tomatoes juice”

4. Frozen Blue Margarita
The Frozen Blue Margarita by maguey, Blue Curacao, granulated sugar, broken ice and salt.
The bartender Chef in the cup with a circle of lemon juice. And then pour salt in the cup.
First, put ice cube and materials into the juice machine.
Then, please shake it before taking.
Next, put it into the cup.
At last, presented in front of people is a sea of joy and happiness.

When you drink Frozen Blue Margarita late, you can drink lemon juice.
It’s taste well.

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