These are colours of foods make the women health

Have all kinds of foods in the world. Look, it’s colorful. A dietitian is divided into five categories.

White color
Rice, flour and so on. It’s can get starch, protein, vitamin and other more than ten kinds of nutrients. After suck up, it’s can maintain life can sports.

Green color
All kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits and beans. For example, greens, celery, spinach, green apples and so on. It’s can offer all kinds of vitamin and dietary fiber. These are the nutrient substances can adjust the physiological function. For example, good visual memory, immune system.

Yellow color
Soybeans and peanuts contain much botany albumen and unsaturated fatty acids, which are the best elements with high protein and low fattiness, and they are very suitable for the old who has got hyperlipoidemia.

Red color
Red rice, red beans, tomatoes, carrot, pepper, red date, red apples and all kinds of fishes and shrimps.
It’s said that, Eat three red dates every day, always young, Eat sweet potato every day, always rosy cheeks, Always eat pepper, away from have a cold”and so on.
These are red foods are good for your health. The fish, meat is high quality protein, fat, lots of inorganic salt.

Black color
Inorganic salt, niger seed, hedges, brown bread and so on.
According to the experts said, not only the black foods is rich in nutrition, but also can beauty whitening and make us always young. It was called”health and longevity food”from food.

Kind reminds
In daily life, in oder to content with consumer. Some of the store keeper to try to many ways, even the additives have been put into the food.
For example, candied gourd, white bread, pickle and so on.
These are additives are bad for our health, especially is a teenager.
In order to we can keep health, you should distinguish the true from the false before, then buy it.

These are colours of foods make the women health Health life  bad habits

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