Our blog in August 21th, 2011 was finished. On the left is Jusco, on the right is lynda.We are going to write moonhug’s blog together, As you can see, we will write the work experience and a day in the life..

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I am an idle girl. I’m the same as others girls.I like beautiful things. Especially for fashion clothes.I’m in a production of clothes work place. Although I can’t designer clothes, I have to contact with many different styles of clothes.Have women’s clothes,men’s clohtes.They are home furnishing clothes.
My bosom friend Jusco often says me very lazy.So I going to keep write blog every day.Because.I think I can get rid of the bad habit as soon as possible.
I going to make my blog to keep the fresh state.In my blog,you can see my favorite clothes and beautiful jewery,and my understanding of life at the moment.
I will from good habits and become their slave I expect you to visit my blog every day!


I like computers,like network,they are enriching my life. I think I am a sunlight boy.If the age of ,I am a young boy. I like find some fresh things on the Internet. I can only see other people blog ago.Now I want to find some valuable to record my blog to share you.I hope I can become a network of volunteer. You can my wordpress technical articles in my blog.And fresh free utility software,very valuable website,the use of computers in many tips etc..


English is not her native language. So, she already apologize for wrong expressions, the use of words with a dirty meaning she’s not aware of and spelling mistakes. You may always point out such anomalies. It will be much appreciated.